Bang Geul Han artist

Selected Projects (2001—2018)


Signs Of Flood

Signs Of Flood

2016 (work-in-progress)

flooding, twitter, news feed, video installation

The software behind this video installation aggregates headlines from hundreds of live Twitter feeds in realtime, all of which include the phrase “Flood of...” The software then turns the Tweets into an endless video stream of a woman channeling an automated siren reading the messages aloud, by piecing together hundreds of pre-recorded video clips. The project explores overlapping local and global points of convergence through the word “Flood” while the constant stream of information oscillates between political urgency and banality. The word “Flood” emerges as a metaphor for the globalized sociopolitical ruptures and how we experience them in our daily life - through the endless virtual gaze but nevertheless with the feeling of helplessness of impending doom of climate change and political conflicts.