Bang Geul Han artist

Selected Projects (2001—2018)




interactive, birdcage, sound, installation, beijing

Interactive sound installation in Beijing, China in collaboration with the artist collective, JiJiZhaZha.‘JiJiZhaZha’ in Chinese means talking and gossiping like birds. Each birdcage contains a radio receiver and speaker system hidden under different materials - food, papers, books and medicine - all collected in Beijing, China.The sound recordings feature several ‘Birdmen’ (typically an old man who brings his bird out to a park with him as he sits and watches the day unfold), who were interviewed about their lives and their emotional attachment to their birds. Thanks to a triggering mechanism hidden within the stools placed next to the birdcages, the birdcages start ‘broadcasting’ the recorded interviews whenever a person sits down next to the birdcage, and then ceases when the person leaves.

CD players, speakers, custom-made sensors, chinese birdcages, medicine and etc.