Bang Geul Han artist

Selected Projects (2001—2018)


Play you back


interactive, birdcage, processing, isadora, installation

Interactive installation in collaboration with the artist collective, Jijizhazha.

A birdcage suspended from a ceiling is located above a trampoline. If a viewer jumps on the trampoline to peek into the covered birdcage, a video camera inside the birdcage records the viewer’s “floating moment”, sending the 3 seconds of footage to a computer that then processes it. The slowed down footage of the viewer’s jumping is delayed and played back on a large projection on the opposite wall. The piece encourages and suspends the moment of childlike emotions yet ironically overlaps this seemingly innocent expression with bars that look distinctly jail-like.

Birdcage, Video Cameras, Trampoline, Computer and Software (Isadora and Processing)