Bang Geul Han 한방글 artist



Baguette Hell

iPad apps, Looping HD 3D animation

Playing on the word “bagatelle” (meaning a trifling or inconsequential thing), Baguette Hell features a series of interactive iPad and iPhone apps toying with images of its namesake French bread. Reminiscent of Dadaist exercises, the apps are seemingly impractical or pointless, but are also playful, flirtatious and delightfully strange.

Baguette about it, Baguettedipus, Baguette Me Not, Baguette Vision, Whack a Baguette, Spin the Baguette, Baguette A Time, Baguette Clock,Soggy Baguette,Baguette List, Baguettopus, Baguette Stop

3D Baguette by Steven Pedersen, and special thanks to John F. Simon Jr. for the App Culture class at SVA.


Baguette Hell Home Screen
Installation view
Baguette Me Not