Bang Geul Han 한방글 artist



Signs Of Flood

Generative video installation (video and mixed media installation, custom software, live Twitter stream, textiles, woods)

Made in collaboration with artist Minna Pollanen, Signs of Flood is an installation combining new media and handstitched embroidery that explores the connotations of the word “flood.” The work shifts between an international vantage point, where abstract and decontextualized media representations are propagated widely, and a far more local, imminent level, where the imagery impacts individual bodies and communities.

In the video, a figure holds a banner while reading aloud headlines from a live feed of online sources such as Google News and Twitter. To mine this constant stream of information, custom software aggregates any headline which includes the phrase “flood of,” collecting a variety of literal and metaphorical uses of the word flood. The custom software gives voice to these headlines by splicing together clips drawn from a video inventory of the artist speaking thousands of pre-recorded individual words.


Video still
Video still
Displayed adjacent to the video, eighteen banners are embroidered with a choreographic score of body positions pulled from social media, Google image searches, and online news sites.