Bang Geul Han artist

Selected Projects (2001—2018)


Interior Surface
Interior Surface

Interior Surface


data-visualization, javascript, facial expression detection


I recorded my face everyday in my studio for 42 days at the same time of the day during my residency at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Using a commercial facial expression analysis service NViso, I put the series of ‘selfies’ through the software to get my everyday emotion analyzed in seven categories (neutral, sadness, anger, disgust, surprise, fear, happiness). These data in a spreadsheet now feeds the animation of digital camouflage like patterns framed by the contour of a my own face. Each color comprising the camouflage pattern represents each category of emotion. Translating emotions into ‘readable’ data into a cryptic pattern becomes the ‘transparent yet unreadable’ mask of a face with a pattern that’s heavily associated with war, combat and act of hiding.

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