Bang Geul Han artist

Selected Projects (2001—2018)


At A Safe Distance (series)
At A Safe Distance (series)

At A Safe Distance (series)

2014 - present

data-visualization, unity3d, video game, drone strikes

Interactive Video Installation

“At a Safe Distance” (Interactive Installation), aims to visualize news media reports of civilian casualties of US drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan within a fictional, virtual landscape that borrows heavily from the aesthetics and technology behind current 3D video games. By creating such visceral yet distant spectacle, which is very much connected to reality yet distant in its form, delivery and sensibility, I aim to address the very question about the problem of representation and human experience.

There are three works in this series so far:

At a Safe Distance (weather, drones, facebook, crude oil, tender buttons) (2016)
Drone Wall (2015)
At a Safe Distance (2014)